About us

Get to know the team:

Reuben Abtar – Landscaping Director

Reuben Abtar was born to be an entrepreneur coming from a relatively poor background encouraged him to formulate money making ideas and techniques from a very young age. At the tender age of 13 deciding to walk five miles to school in the hot Caribbean sun of Barbados and back for a week in order to save his bus fare and purchase a bulk bag of sweets to start a confectionery selling to his schoolmates.

Returning to London years later Reuben studied accountancy at University and worked in the field for a few years before quickly realising that his passion and love lay in the great outdoors and he founded high end Landscaping company Distinctly Different Landscape leaning on his childhood growing experience of growing up on a farm in the tropical island of Barbados has helped him to develop and grow his landscaping company from a small landscaping company in London to now operating from two locations London and Walton on Thames.

Jamie- Lee Abtar – Director of Marketing

Jamie Lee’s background and accolades lie in the marketing and travel industry so it was quite an exciting change when she took on the challenge of developing and growing the Distinctly Different Landscapes brand under her travel and liefestyle PR and marketing agency Be Distinctly Different. Combining her love for stunning landscape designs, marketing know how and a desire to offer clients a seamless outdoor experience.

Recently named as one of the 2016 – 2017 TTG Future Leaders, Jamie-Lee is a marketing professional with over a decade’s experience. She spearheads the marketing and business development function of Distinctly Different Landscapes and also enjoys being a part of the landscape re-design process.

As for her future plans “ There is never an end goal for me. My businesses are constantly evolving and I couldn’t imagine my life without the satisfaction and adventure that they bring.

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